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I am number one?

When I first encountered the Ennegram eight years ago, I was told that I was probably a type two, the helper.  This made sense as I like to help people and I cared a lot about what people thought of me.  My type was confirmed six years ago when I took my first Enneagram profiling test.  And confirmed again three years ago when I took the test once more and had a week of Enneagram training.  In fact, every time I have ever taken any Enneagram test the results have indicated I was a type two.  So, I, naturally, thought I was a type two, and I have applied myself to spiritual and psychological growth through the Enneagram with that understanding.

But, in recent years, as I learned about myself and the different Enneagram types, I began to have some inklings of doubt.  The first was learning about the Enneagram instincts.  The instincts connect with the Enneagram types to produce subtypes, but I didn’t really seem to fit any type two subtypes.  Plus, my daily Enneathoughts - https://subscriptions.enneagraminstitute.com/subscribers/create – were fairly hit and miss.  While I certainly had, and have, plenty of issues, I didn’t seem to have some of the key issues of most Enneagram twos.

Yet, I was still settled on my type.  I know that nobody fits all of the descriptions for a type, and I assumed I was an outlier, but still a type two.  However, the more I grew in self-awareness, the more the doubts and questions continued. 

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