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This is a continuation of the previous blog about how the Enneagram can help us in our relationships with others.  The previous blog introduced the idea of learning to recognize, acknowledge, and receive the gifts and good intentions the different Enneagram types bring to the table.  This is one of many ways the knowledge and understanding of the different types in the Enneagram can help us as we seek to improve specific relationships in our lives.  It’s not a new idea, learning to see from the other person’s point of view, or walk a mile in their shoes is a time tested approach to improving relationships with others.  With the Enneagram, however, we can see a much broader view of others’ perspectives.   Adn the Enneagram helps us see that differences between people can go much deeper than just what is visible on the surface. The last blog discussed Enneagram types One through Five, so I will begin here with type six. 

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