This month in our Growing with the Enneagram evening on November 23, we will be learning about how the Enneagram can help us in our relationships. One of the key elements of this is recognizing what the different Enneagram types have to give and being willing to receive these gifts. Most people honestly desire to give to and to participate with others in some way, and we can relate to them better by genuinely understanding and receiving those gifts.


Without Judgment

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At our most recent “Growing with the Enneagram” evening on September 28, we focused on “Awareness” and learning to pay attention to the “wake up calls” for each of the nine different Enneagram points. And on each of the slides where I had one of the wake up calls I also had the quote

When we can be aware of what is going on within us now, without judgment, the old patterns begin to fall away

Around the third or fourth time this quote came up, one of the attendees brought up the question, “Shouldn’t we be judging our actions and attitudes if they are wrong, inaccurate, or unhealthy?” This is a very good question. I know that many, if not most of us, do a lot of judging of ourselves or, at least, of our actions and attitudes, and, generally, we believe it is a good thing.


He Came to Himself

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In the middle of the parable of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15 in the Bible there is a small phrase – five short words – that mark a turning point in the journey of the younger son. “But when he came to himself,” He became aware of himself, a self that was separate from the path he had been following, the paradigm he had been living within.

The parable starts in Luke 15:11, and verses 11-16 describe the man’s road from being a younger son in his father’s house to starving and being hired out to feed pigs. Jesus, who is telling the story, doesn’t give us any detail on why the young man chose this road, but from the story it’s not hard to imagine that he was a seeking a different experience of life. He didn’t want to be a servant, he didn’t want to have to slave all day and follow all the rules of his Father’s house. He would not be a servant, he would be rich man, living a rich life, a much better life. So, he takes his inheritance early, before his father dies, and sets off with his money to live the good life.


What is Your Superpower?

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I was preaching a sermon at our church last year, and I had taken the risk of asking the congregation a question that I actually wanted them to answer. I don’t remember the question, but one of the answers I received sticks in my mind. This answer was also a question, What is your superpower? It wasn’t, thankfully, a question about my superpower, but a sample of a question that might be asked of others in general.

This was an unexpected answer, at least by me. Superheroes have been a growing staple of our entertainment and distraction culture for many years. But, beyond the movies, I had been largely unexposed to them. And, because I didn’t partake, I didn’t realize how much the influence went beyond just watching the TV Shows and movies into all the online commentary and conversations about them. I have since paid more attention to what my children are doing online and recognized more how much influence a particular show can have as online discussions, articles, and videos are continually read, watched, and participated in by hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of people.

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