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In the summer of 2018,  I (Sam) began studies with the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition,  I had a wonderful and enlightening two weeks in which I completed four different Enneagram courses.  In the final course, The Typing Process, I learned how to take people through a typing interview, a set of questions designed to help the interviewee determine their Enneagram type. 

I was fortunate to find many people who were interested in Typing Interviews, including seven interviews that I taped and went over with a coach. This was the first part of my internship with the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition, which I hope to complete by the end of 2020.

I am continuing to offer free Typing Interviews for anyone who would like help in determining their Enneagram type or to confirm where they already feel like they fit on the Enneagram.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why a typing interview?  Is this designed to tell me what box I should fit in?

The goal of the typing interview is not to determine the interviewee's Enneagram type, but to help them narrow it down to two or three types that they seem to fit best.  As is often said, the Enneagram is not about putting us in boxes, but helping us see the boxes and patterns we are already in and then helping us work our way out of them.  

What will I gain from a Typing Interview?

Self-awareness is essential to a healthy, productive life and to working with the Enneagram.  The typing interview is a self-awareness activity, a tool to help interviewees see how they fit with common traits, behaviours, and characteristics of the Nine Enneagram types.  Even if interviewees don't go any further than the interview, they gain insight into their similarities and differences with others.  At the end of the interview I will share with you which Enneagram types you fit best and give you material for further research and reflection to help you come to your final determination of your type.

 What about online Enneagram Tests?  Won't they do the same thing?test

Online Enneagram tests can be very helpful.  The better tests usually cost $10 to $15, and they are accurate about 80% of the time.  But in our culture we've been taught to do well on tests or beat tests.  This can lead to the opposite of self-awareness as we focus on getting the right answers rather than listening to what's going on inside.  Too often people have to let go of the test results and focus on self-awareness before they can begin their journey with the Enneagram.  

How much does it cost?

As this is part of my learning and my internship, there is no cost at this time for the Typing Interviews.

How do I sign up for a Typing Interview?

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we'll schedule a time.  Long distance interviews are also available over Skype.