The Enneagram Instincts And Subtypes Workshop

enneagramshadow150wIn the last few years there has been a resurgence of interest in the Enneagram.  Many are coming to recognize how much it can help in understanding ourselves and others.  They are benefitting from the self-awareness the Enneagram brings, learning how to let go of emotional patterns that are no longer helpful.

This seminar goes one step beyond most introductory Enneagram seminars to the Enneagram subtypes.  The subtypes help us even more to understand our actions and motivations, which, in turn, gives us direction and understanding for growth.  The Enneagram Instincts and Subtypes is open to everyone, regardless of previous experience with the Enneagram, however it will be helpful to know your Enneagram type before coming to the seminar.  If you would like help in determining your Enneagram type, please click below to find out about free typing interviews.

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08 Mar 2019 -  09 Mar 2019
07:00 pm -  04:00 pm
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Enneagram Graphics by rfitzel@gmail.comThe Enneagram Instincts and Subtypes Workshop

Each Enneagram type has three sub-types based on how people of that type interact with three “instincts” that are basic to human nature.  These instincts – Self Preservation, Sexual, and Social –  have a tremendous influence on our behavior and motivations.  Understanding these instincts and observing how they function within us helps us identify areas for personal, relationship, and spiritual growth.

In this workshop we will explore the three Enneagram instincts and learn to identify them in our lives.  We will use the three zones for each instinct recently developed by Russ Hudson of the International Enneagram Association. We will also cover dominant instincts, blind spots, and how our instincts work together.

Then we will move on to how each Enneagram type typically interacts with each instinct producing specific behavior patterns in our lives.  Every person is unique, and no one has the same motivations and patterns as another, but the Enneagram types and instincts provide us with a model, a tool for self-awareness, that helps understand our motivations and patterns and move us toward growth.

Workshop Schedule

Friday, March 8: 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Saturday, March 9: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Lunch is included from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. on Saturday.


Sam Drew

Sam DrewCertified Enneagram instructor
Spiritual Director

Sam is a spiritual director and Christian teacher.  Over the past three years he has led retreats and courses on the Enneagram.  Previously Sam served as a manager and teacher at the Urban Sanctuary in Edmonton, teaching and facilitating courses on   "Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography", "The Theology of Spiritual Formation", and many other spiritual formation topics.  Sam also served as the Pastor of the Edmonton Evangelical Covenant Church for nine years, and he has taught for many years in other churches.  Sam has a Master of Divinity and Certificate of Spiritual Direction from North Park Seminary in Chicago, and he completed the "Enneagram Training Certification" program with Jerome Wagner. He is currently working on the requirements for certification by the Enneagram Profession Training Program created by Helen Palmer and David Daniels.


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