Enneagram And Relationships - Part 3

enneagramshadow150wEveryone is invited to this Edmonton Enneagram Interest Group Event.  We'll be picking up where we left off from our events in October and November, discussing how the nine Enneagram types relate to one another as well as the three Enneagram stances as presented by Suzanne Stabile.

Come to learn, discuss, and share.

Cost $5. Pay online below or when  you come.

16 Jan 2020
07:00 pm -  09:00 pm
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The Enneagram and Relationships

This year the Edmonton Enneagram Interest Group is looking at how the Enneagram can help us build healthier relationships in our lives.  Everyone is invited regardless of your familiarity with the Enneagram.

We're getting together to discover more about the Enneagram, how we can use it in our lives, and to learn from each other as we share and discuss.

Sam Drew

Sam DrewCertified Enneagram instructor
Spiritual Director

Sam is a spiritual director and Christian teacher.  Over the past four years he has led retreats and courses on the Enneagram.  Previously Sam served as a manager and teacher at the Urban Sanctuary in Edmonton, teaching and facilitating courses on   "Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography", "The Theology of Spiritual Formation", and many other spiritual formation topics.  Sam also served as the Pastor of the Edmonton Evangelical Covenant Church for nine years, and he has taught for many years in other churches.  Sam has a Master of Divinity and Certificate of Spiritual Direction from North Park Seminary in Chicago, and he completed the "Enneagram Training Certification" program with Jerome Wagner. He is currently working on the requirements for certification in the Narrative Tradition by the Enneagram Professional Training Program created by Helen Palmer and David Daniels.


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