Ghost River Valley at KingsfoldSpiritual Direction

"Spiritual Direction is a way of companioning people as they seek to look closely, through the eyes of their hearts, at the guidance and transforming work of God in their lives." Alice Fryling in Seeking God Together

A spiritual director walks with another as they seek out God in their life.  People seek out spiritual directors in times of spiritual questioning, in times of personal or relational struggles or problems, times, as part of their desire to grow their love and devotion to God, or simply when they need someone to listen with them.

A spiritual director's primary role is not guidance, but listening, witnessing, and as Alice Fryling says above, companioning.  Every spiritual journey, no matter how difficult it may sometimes be, is a work of art and beauty that needs to be shared and heard.  This is, perhaps, the most significant part of the ministry of spiritual direction.  And, while every spiritual journey is unique, there are familiar patterns and markers along the way that spiritual directors can often help directees to notice. 

Sam DrewSpiritual direction is different from counseling in that it does not focus on specific problems or issues.  While such topics will often come up, spiritual direction centres around God's work and direction for those issues and all of life.  Spiritual directors can sometimes work with or alongside counselors, but they do serve a different role than a counselor in a person's life.

Sam Drew received a Certificate of Spiritual Direction from North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago.  He also completed a certificate in using the Enneagram in Spiritual Direction from the Narrative Enneagram. He received a Master of Divinity from North Park and served in pastoral ministry for many years as both a lead pastor and youth pastor.  He has several years experience as a spiritual director working with people of all ages.  

Spiritual direction sessions normally last about an hour and are usually monthly or every two weeks.  Spiritual direction sessions are $65 or an alternate rate can be worked out if that is a hardship.

Sam currently has openings for spiritual direction.  Please contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested or would like more information.